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My Very Own Toilet Seat

[ i w o u l d i f i c o u l d ]

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Liar...liar...pants...are dire...
How unethical is it to lie?

How unethical is it to lie about your age?

How unethical is it to lie about your age to a potential employer?

The answer, as I know it is: very.

Though what did I do? "Oh...I'm gonna be eighteen...in late March. Yeah." (and later) "March 25, to be exact." Just because the store manager looked at me with concerned eyes when I said that I was still seventeen.

And then she says later that I have to turn in a social security card or a birth certificate or a driver's license if she were to call me in later to start working. Fuck my life. And please let the social security card be void of my date of birth.

I am a terrible, terrible person.

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Aw you're not terrible hun, but yeah it's kind of risky and inadvisable to lie under those circumstances because you know, getting caught and all.

(When are you 18 in any case?)

Ahahha. I rectified this situation though via email. We know who's definitely not getting that job now!


And you my dear? (or any age, for that matter)

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